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My TCS Experiences

  • Friday, December 17, 2010
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  • My TCS Experiences

    Hi friends iam Noufel and am from CUSAT.We had TCS for recruitment in our campus on 10th and 11th of december and i got selected:).The tcs recruitement policy is as follows

    1.There will be an aptitude round.

    Students passing in this round were qualified for the interview round.(In our campus students with more than 75% were having direct interview)
    2.Interview round consists of 3 or 2rounds
    a)tech round
    b)HR Round
    c)MR round

    My aptitude round
    Aptitude round was quite easy for me as it was the same pattern that were asked in open see same.i cleared that round easily.most of my friends also did clear that round!

    I only had two interview rounds one technical and HR
    Questions asked during technical and HR Round
    Following where the questions that were asked that i remember
    1)Describe yourself
    2)Tell about your family
    3)Your favourite subject?and why you choose that subject as your favourite
    4)difference between C and C++
    5)Program for fibonocci series
    6)difference between 8085 and 8086
    7)Tell something about microcontolers
    8)About our mini and main project(Study this portion well,they will ask a lot of questions from this section)
    9)why you chose TCS?
    10)where you will be 5 year after this?
    11)Latest technology in IT?
    12)Latest News in IT Field?
    13)What is data encapsulation and polymorphism
    14)what are user defined data types
    15)Why you chose software field ?

    Thats it!i did well and as a result of ma hard work i got selected!best of luck guys!
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