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Friday, January 6, 2012


blog contest 2012 Online Contest 2012!You write,you share,you earn!Rewards for everyone who participates!Earn money online!

  • Friday, January 6, 2012
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  • I was always keen of blog contests having participated in many and won prizes.Now I am planning to host one! My Blog contest is really a different one!Infact this contest is not only for bloggers but also for other people who have a passion for writing good articles.
    For other blog contests there will be one winner but here in my contest everyone who participates is a winner! That is each and everyone can earn money through writing in my blog.
    Here is how it works
    1. For bloggers all you need to do is to write a 100 word description of the post you write in your blog along with the link and send it to me.(This is really easy as you have already written your blog post  and all you need to do is to send a 100 word description regarding your post!)So you will be getting extra traffic to your blog apart from earning money!
    2. For non bloggers all you need to do is to send articles not less than 200 words related to topic given below .I will be reviewing them and posting them
    Topic for the contest
    The topic of this contest is anything related to tech,be it gadget,reviews of new products,tips and tricks, anything you can post!
    How will you earn? /How much will you earn?
    This is the question everyone will be having in mind! And you were wondering how I am going to reward everyone who participates in this contest. Well here is the answer
    For every post you write just share it in facebook.(you can find a share button towards the end of this post as well as beginning). Apart from that you can ask your friends also to share this post.So you can earn  100 Rs if you manage to get 100 shares(that is quite easy if you have a strong facebook base!).So if you write 10 other posts and manage to get 100 shares for them also you can earn 1000Rs! The interesting thing is that you can write unlimited number of posts and this contest never ends! As long as the number of fb shares on your posts increases,your revenue also increases!To check whether how many shares you got you can check the blog post you wrote in ma blog and can find it in the top of the post below the title as shown below

    The terms and conditions for this contest are
    1) The content should be original, it should not contain content copied from other sites. If any participant is found copying, he/she will be disqualified for the contest
    2)The length of the post should have a minimum of 200 words.For bloggers they can write a minimum 100 word description of their article along with the link
    3)I will be having the complete rights to review the post and to decide whether to accept the content or not
    4)The participant should have a bank account .Your earnings will be sent to your bank account through online transaction
    So what are you waiting for!lets blog,share and earn money! Those who are interested please mail your name, address ,bank account and contact number to or  or you can comment below the details.If you have any clarifications please comment or mail me
    So best wishes for the contest!