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Sunday, June 1, 2014


mg university btech ece syllabus new scheme full s3 s4 s5 s6 s7 s8

  • Sunday, June 1, 2014
  • Nfl nfl
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     (Common to all branches except CS & IT)

    • To apply standard methods and basic numerical techniques for solving problems and to
    know the importance of learning theories in Mathematics.
    MODULE 1 Vector differential calculus ( 12 hours)
     Scalar and vector fields – gradient-physical meaning- directional derivative-divergence an
    curl - physical meaning-scalar potential conservative field- identities - simple problems
    MODULE 2 Vector integral calculus ( 12 hours)
     Line integral - work done by a force along a path-surface and volume integral-application
    of Greens theorem, Stokes theorem and Gauss divergence theorem
    MODULE 3 Finite differences ( 12 hours)
     Finite difference operators and - interpolation using Newtons forward and
    backward formula – problems using Stirlings formula, Lagrange’s formula and Newton’s divided
    difference formula
    MODULE 4 Difference Calculus ( 12 hours)
     Numerical differentiation using Newtons forward and backward formula – Numerical
    integration – Newton’s – cotes formula – Trapezoidal rule – Simpsons 1/3rd and 3/8th rule – Difference
    equations – solution of difference equation
    MODULE 5 Z transforms ( 12 hours)
     Definition of Z transforms – transform of polynomial function and trignometric
    functions – shifting property , convolution property - inverse transformation – solution of 1st and 2nd

    order difference equations with constant coifficients using Z transforms.
    1. Erwin Kreyszing – Advance Engg. Mathematics – Wiley Eastern Ltd.
    2. B.S. Grewal – Higher Engg. Mathematics - Khanna Publishers
    3. B.V. Ramana - Higher Engg. Mathematics – McGraw Hill
    4. K Venkataraman- Numerical methods in science and Engg -National publishing co
    5. S.S Sastry - Introductory methods of Numerical Analysis -PHI
    6. T.Veerarajan and T.Ramachandran- Numerical Methods- McGraw Hill
    7. Babu Ram – Engg. Mathematics -Pearson.
    8. H.C.Taneja Advanced Engg. Mathematics Vol I – I.K.International

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  • Nfl nfl

  •  Teaching Scheme                                                                                         Credits: 5
    2 hour lecture and 1 hour tutorial per week

    ·         To impart mathematical background for studying engineering subjects.

    MODULE  I  (18 hours)    -      MATRIX

     Elementary transformation – echelon form – rank using elementary transformation by reducing in to echelon form – solution of linear homogeneous and   non – homogeneous equations using elementary transformation. Linear dependence and independence of vectors – eigen values and eigen vectors – properties of eigen values and eigen vectors(proof not expected) – Linear transformation – Orthogonal transformation – Diagonalisation – Reduction of quadratic form into sum of squares using orthogonal transformation – Rank, index, signature of quadratic form – nature of quadratic form


    Partial differentiation : chain rules – statement of Eulers theorem for homogeneous functions – Jacobian –Application of Taylors series for function of two variables – maxima and minima of function of two variables (proof of results not expected)

    MODULE 3  (18 hours)     -  MULTIPLE INTEGRALS

     Double integrals in cartesian and polar co-ordinates – change of order of integration- area using double integrals – change of variables using Jacobian – triple integrals in cartesian, cylindrical and spherical co-ordinates – volume using triple integrals – change of variables using Jacobian – simple problems.


    Linear differential equation with constant coefficients- complimentary function and particular integral – Finding particular integral using method of variation of parameters – Euler Cauchy equations- Legenders equations

    MODULE 5  (18 hours)   -   LAPLACE TRANSFORMS

    Laplace Transforms – shifting theorem –differentiation and integration of transform – Laplace transforms of derivatives and integrals – inverse transform – application of convolution property – Laplace transform of unit step function – second shifting theorem(proof not expected) – Laplace transform of unit impulse function and periodic function – solution of linear differential equation with constant coefficients using  Laplace Transform.

    1. Erwin Kreyszig ;Advanced Engineering Mathematics Wiley Eastern Ltd
    2. Grewal B.S ;Higher Engineering Mathematics ,Khanna Publishers
    3. N. P. Bali ;Engineering Mathematics ,Laxmi Publications Ltd
    4. Goyal & Gupta ; Laplace and Fourier Transforms               
    5. Dr. M.K.Venkataraman ;Engineering Mathematics Vol. I,National Publishing Co.
    6. Dr. M.K.Venkataraman Engineering Mathematics Vol. 2, National Publishing Co
    7. T.Veerarajan ,Engineering Mathematics  for first year, Mc Graw Hill
    8. S.S.Sastry Engineering Mathematics Vol. I,Prentice Hall India
    9. S.S.Sastry Engineering Mathematics Vol. 2, Prentice Hall India
    10. B.V. Ramana Higher Engineering Mathematics, Mc Graw Hill