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Mobile Number Portability:important things you need to know about MNP

  • Thursday, January 20, 2011
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  • The much-awaited  Mobile Number Portability (MNP) was launched at Newdelhi on Jan 20.The MNP(Mobile Number Portability) will allow users to switch mobile service providers without changing their numbers.Addressing a press conference  Telecom Minister Kapil Sibal said, "It is a historic moment, we have demonstrated that the customer is king. The whole process will not take more than seven days and cost Rs. 19 only which is likely to be reduced further." 

    Important features of MNP
    • Number can be ported from one service provider to another.
    • This can be done for both post-paid and pre-paid services and for post-paid number portability, there should not be any dues pending with the old operator.
    • This will also be available for SIM cards being used for Internet data connection.
    • For pre-paid number portability, carry forward of balance from the old provider to the new provider is not permitted.
    •  When you port your number, you will have to submit your documents (identity proof, address proof, photographs and other documents as required) to your new service provider.
    • You will get a new SIM from the new service provider.
    • Entire porting process can take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 working days.
    • After porting your number to the new service provider, you must stay with that provider for a minimum of 3 months.
    • You will be charged Rs. 19 from the new service provider for this which is likely to reduce further.
    Steps to be followed for MNP
    1)Type 'port' space 'mobilenumber' to 1900 from your mobile eg:port 09564234589 to 1900
    2)Then you will receive an eight-digit alphanumeric code and an expiry date for that code from you existing   service provide called Unique Porting Code, or UPC.
    3)Now you need to contact your new service provider with this Unique Porting Code (UPC), your mobile number and documents for address proof, identity proof, photograph (and other documents as required). Do this before the expiry date and time of the UPC.
    4)Now your new service provider will take your request to the mobile portability clearing house which will ensure that you number gets deactivated from the existing provider and gets activated with the new provider. For this to happen your existing provider will have to give approval to the new provider / clearing house. Approval will be given if there are no dues pending with the existing service provider.
    5) Once everything is clear, you will get an SMS from new service provider with the date and time of the number porting.
    6)When the actual porting happens, your mobile will be in a no-service period which will be of couple of hours (your phone will be dead in these no-service hours). As per mandate these no-service hours will be from 12 AM (midnight) to 5 am. Also it is mandated that one you get a SMS from the new service provider, your number should be ported within 4 days. You will have to use your new SIM from your new service provider after the no-service hours.
    7)Subscriber will be charged RS 19 for this process

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    KIRAN THOMAS said...
    January 21, 2011 at 9:47 PM

    But they havent specified whether is it possible to convert from 2G to 3G with MNP. Actually MNP is a package that comes with 3G.

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