Thursday, January 13, 2011


DHISHNA 2011 Techfest,School of Engineering,CUSAT

  • Thursday, January 13, 2011
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  • Dhishna 2011 is the upcoming tech fest conducted by School of Engineering,Cochin University Of Science And Technology. Dhishna is the amalgamation of the talentand resources of the students of seven specialized arms of engineering at the School of Engineering, CUSAT. Here at Dhishna, we strive to flair our X factor. A factor that sets us aside from the plethora of other tech fests in the region. The name is borrowed from Sanskrit and it perfectly conveys the concepts of a better tommorrow and the beauty of the Indian language.The various events that will be held will be updated soon

    Big news to the rock music lovers!There will be an interesting event called Bersek Rock show an open-to-all rock music competition, as a part of 'Dhishna 2011', the annual techno-cultural fest.It focuses in bringing some of the best and up-coming rock music bands across the country under one roof. The objective is quite simple. To find the very best in Rock.Punk,emo,grunge,indie.So guys please be a part of this tech fest and make it a huge success.
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