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10 tips to perform well in Group Discussions how to perform well in GD improve your performance in GD

  • Thursday, December 2, 2010
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  • Group Discussion is conducted by the selection committee to test whether a student has the ability or skills that the company is searching such as team work,leadership skills,directing skills,motivation,confidentiality etc.Many people misconcept GD as Debate but it is not true.In a Debate we are given a topic and we can stand either 'against' or 'for' and talk without any interruption.But in a GD we have to enter into a common solution at the end.we can either stand against or for or both and we may be frequently interrupted by other groupmembers.In short debate is one to many and GD is many to many.

    GD is started by forming a group of 10-12 members under a moderator.Moderator will give a topic to discuss for and there are basically three types of GD topics.They are
    1)Knowledge Based:-Here a topic of current interest will be given and students have to discuss about the topic for 10-15 minutes.This requires fair knowledge about the topic.If you dont know anything about the topic then just listen to what others have to say and note down the points and create your own ideas from it and talk.
    2)Abstract Topics:-This relate to intangible things or topics for eg:'z is the last alphabet in english'.'we get what we give'!etc.These topics doesnt need any sound knowledge.only adaptibility matters.
    3)Case Based Topics:-Here a case with leading questions at the end is given to the candidates.and the team will have to solve the problem.SInce a question can be solved in many ways there may be different solutions by different members and they can arrive at a common solution.

    Tips to Score in GD
    Having discussed about the different types of GroupDiscussion,now lets discuss about the things we need to do perform well in a GD
    1)Always try to be the initator of the topic.That means you try to be the first one to speak about the topic.This alone will earn you fair points in GD.The initiator should discuss the problem statement and explain the topic to the group
    2)Never look at the moderator:-This is a commmon mistake done by many students.You should make uniform eye contact with other groupmembers while you are explaining.You will lose points if you look at the moderator only.
    3)Never Question other Members should not do this for only the sake of asking questions.But you can ask questions if you genuinly didnt understand what others have told
    4)Avoid using the words Actually,To be honest,You know etc.This will make a negative impression on the moderator
    5)Body Language:-This is the most important thing you have to concentrate on.You should not be emotional or outburst.Always be cool and confident and appreciate what others say instead of opposing them without any solid reasons
    6)Contribution:-Always be active throughout the interview
    7)Quality:-You should always speak quality and logical content.This can be improved by reading newspapers,magazines etc
    8)Show your Leadership Skills:-This is the most important point the moderator will watch out for.for example if anyone doesnt speak at all in a GD you can urge him to talk thereby showing our leadership skills.
    9)clarifications:-if you have any doubts you should clarify it before the discussion commences
    10)summarising:-Always try to summarise the topic with the most apt solution taking into account all other members views.
    Dont be disappointed if you couldnt do well in your first GD.

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